Auckland Meccano Guild

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Guild Library Holdings


The AMG holds stocks of magazines and other literature gathered together over the years mostly by donations from members. These items are available for borrowing by AMG members and other NZFMM members living nearby.

Please contact: Gary Higgins Ph 8324292


Meccano Constructor's Guide by B N Love

HCS Vol. 1: The Products of Binns Road

HCS Vol. 2: The Meccano Super Models


Meccanomans Newsmag - later Meccano Newsmag (MN):
No. 25 (Oct. 1981) up to No. 76 (Nov. 1996)

MN Supplement No. 1 - Constructorprojects book 1
MN Supplement No. 2 - Constructorprojects book 2

Sheffield Meccano Guild Magazine (SMGM) - forerunner of CQ:
No. 1 (Nov. 1981) up to No. 22 (June 1988)

Constructor Quarterly (CQ):
No. 1 (Sep. 1988) up to No. 53 (Sep. 2001)

International Meccanoman (IM):
Jan 1992, May 1994

Canadian Meccanoman's Newsletter (CMN):
No. 1 (Nov. 1981), No. 2 (Feb. 1982)

British Columbia Meccano Club newsletter:
Vol. V - No. 2 (Autumn 1996), No. 3 (Spring 1997), N0. 4 (Autumn 1997)

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