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Meccano Sales or wanted items.

Exacto Meccano supplies
Wayne Blakely

Ashok Meccano parts

Stan Baker
Stan's latest price lists have two prices One for orders up to $700 and one for higher value ones. The prices for all customers including NZFMM members are lower now, for any size order.

a) Ashok supplies widest range of Meccano and compatible parts up to and including full set tens and most parts that were obsolete by the 60s
b) Stan Carry's in stock almost all parts in red green yellow and zn and many in dark blue as well. Also all X series parts and Electrikit, 20 DPI gears and large axles supplied to any size. (actually over $50,000 value)
c) Ashok powder coated and extensive use of stainless gives him a quality edge
d) Apart from Ashok parts Stan also carry's a big range of compatible motors sets of Ashtray tyres meccano compatible magnets etc
e) No minimum order quantity and fast turnaround when you need one or two parts
Andrew wells
Andrew stocks original Meccano parts and sets and motorvator parts and offers NZFMM members a discount on whole sets.

The following items are offered for sale by tender on behalf of the Estate of the late George Ovenden.

“To those members wishing to tender for George Ovenden’s Meccano please note that, at the request of the family, Set No.9; The Mechanical Workshop set; 6 speed Meccano electric motor and No.1 clockwork motor have been withdrawn from sale.”

Three Meccano outfits viz: 1 x No.5 : 1 x No.6 : 1 x No.9

All are complete.
Contents of each are based on an early 1960's parts inventory.
Housed in strong non-Meccano wooden boxes.
In play-worn condition and the colour of some of the parts may not be in keeping with the period.
Each set contains an instruction manual and two sets of 2 1/2" road wheels (plastic and tin-plate, 4 of each).
N.B. The No.9 outfit, Part No.162b (boiler without ends) has a 20 mm split at one end.

Mechanical Workshop set. Although missing the outer cardboard sleeve the contents are still in their unopened plastic bags complete with instruction manual.

Clockwork Motors. 1 x No.2; 2 x No.1A; 1 x No.1 (boxed); 2 x Magic (1 boxed). Despite paint loss these motors all run satisfactorily and include keys.

Electric Motors.

2 x Richard 6 ratio motors boxed. These have lower mountings than the Meccano version. Both have been used but run well with no apparent gear damage.

1 x Meccano 6 ratio motor boxed. This has also been used but runs well with no apparent gear damage.

1 x Meccano power tool kit (electric screwdriver with attachments) unopened.

Constructor Quarterly Magazines.

These run from No.34 (September 1996) to No.53 (September 2001) inclusive. 20 in total all in excellent condition.

Highest bid not necessarily accepted.

Purchasers to pay all delivery charges.

Offers and (any enquiries) to be received by David Wall no later than 30 September 2015 at following address.

45 Kath Hopper Drive
Auckland 0931
Phone: 094261965

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